The Volkswagen Service Quality Award, or VSQA for short, is a coveted award bestowed annually on selected Volkswagen Partner dealerships throughout the world.

Who deserves the VSQA?
As its name suggests, the VSQA relates to service quality. It is expressed by how satisfied customers, meaning you, are with the service of your Volkswagen Partner. The point system is based on the results of customer satisfaction surveys. And the highest honor within the Volkswagen Service Organization is awarded for the most points – that is, the most satisfied customers. That honor is the Volkswagen Service Quality Award. Every year, it is bestowed on the 100 best Volkswagen Service dealerships.

Our customers are the true winners.
The VSQA is an international competition for Volkswagen Service dealerships. But the true winners are you, our customers. For years, Volkswagen Service Partners have been spurred to extremely high performance since they must meet the most stringent specifications and show visible improvement in customer satisfaction. Without your honest evaluation during the telephone survey, there would be no VSQA. That is why you can rightly be proud of yourself and your award-winning Volkswagen Partner – together you are ensuring that service at the dealership that you trust continually improves.

Thank you very much for your outstanding support!